Install Remprotocol

Install binaries

Ubuntu 16.04/18.04

$ wget
$ sudo apt install ./remprotocol_0.4.1.amd64.deb


$ wget
$ sudo apt install ./remprotocol_0.4.1.el7.x86_64.rpm


$ wget
$ sudo dnf install ./remprotocol_0.4.1.el7.x86_64.rpm


$ brew tap Remmeauth/remprotocol &&
$ brew install remprotocol


To install the latest version, go to Remprotocol releases.

Install from source

Step 1: Download Remprotocol Source

$ git clone --recursive && cd remprotocol

Step 2: Build Remprotocol

To start build use:

$ ./scripts/ -y


The build process may take a long time. To start the build process in the background you can use nohup:

$ nohup ./scripts/ -y > build.log &

The build process logs will be saved in build.log.


Script will be save binaries files in ~/eosio/REM_VERSION/bin/. To use remcli, remvault, remnode you should enter them to this directory and run them from here or you can add alias to bashrc.


Aliases to use remcli, remvault, remnode from any directory:

alias remcli='~/eosio/REM_VERSION/bin/remcli'
alias remvault='~/eosio/REM_VERSION/bin/remvault'
alias remnode='~/eosio/REM_VERSION/bin/remnode'

Add aliases to bashrc:

$ echo "alias remcli='~/eosio/REM_VERSION/bin/remcli'\nalias remvault='~/eosio/REM_VERSION/bin/remvault'\nalias remnode='~/eosio/REM_VERSION/bin/remnode'" >> ~/.bashrc1


REM_VERSION - check version of the built Remprotocol in the ~/eosio/ directory. Replace the commands above REM_VERSION with your remprotocol version.

Step 3: Install Remprotocol

$ ./scripts/